Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a single day in your life.     Confucius


I am Jennifer Bellengé, 29 years old, French and world citizen. I grew up in Paris and now, live in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in the center of France. I am passionate by foreign languages, I believe in exchange with others and I like to pass on. My studies road let me see the inadequacy of the learning purely academic. Knowing a country need to mastered its language, its nuances but also being curious. Curious about its history, its culture, its inhabitants …

So I invite you to tame with me the French ‘s soul.


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Mastered languages : English and japanese

languages in progress : chinese, korean, dutch and vietnamese.


Once upon a time…

Some encounters turn upside down your life. SPEAK FRENCH WITH ME was born because of one of them.

On october 2017, I met at le Chambon-sur-Lignon Ioannis, a Cyprus man in the thirties, married to a French woman and father of a little boy.

Ioannis talks in english with his wife and his family in law. He wishes speaking French, especially with his son. The father’s desire is touching.

Together, we find a way to an intensive program on 3 weeks to give him the basis for the comprehension of daily life, most of all we elaborate the writing of a children ‘ tale intended to his son. The personal objective of Ioannis : to be able to tell a story in French to his son.

Each people has his story, if we started to write yours !