You wish to learn how to speak French, You don’t feel at ease in a crowd, You want to manage your schedule,


SPEAK FRENCH WITH ME offers French courses by e-learning on private sessions, based on your actual level and according to your goal. This learning made for you fits to your needs and your learning abilities. You evolve at your rhythm, according to your disponibilities.


The price per hour changes according to the jetlag between your country and France. (course by webcam in live). SPEAK FRENCH WITH ME offers different packs according to the desired objective as well as personalized quotes.


Evaluate your level to choose the best offer suited to your needs

"I was studying French law and wanted to read it in its own language. So, I was looking for French lesson which could fit to my busy schedule and give me lessons with a private teacher. SPEAK FRENCH WITH ME gave me all I was asking for and more. It makes a program based on my final goal. So they taught me the law terms, grammar, conjugation and syntax. They put away all the vocabularies unnecessary for my request."

M. Corington, 27 years old woman, student in law, U.K

"I do not have a lot of time to study SPEAK FRENCH WITH ME managed its schedule to fit in my own schedule. I didn’t have to find time or cancelled any appointment in my work, it’s SPEAK FRENCH WITH ME which finds the time to teach me. So, I could do what I had to and at the same time learning what I needed."

N. Nijikata, 58 years old man, realtor, Japan

"I studied French to have a new competitive advantage in my business. SPEAK FRENCH WITH ME taught me what I needed to know in this language without the useless part. Its courses were efficient and very helpful, focused on what I wanted."

Y.H. Jung, 34 years old man, wedding planner, South Korea